Secret Tips To Speed Up Your Old Mac Laptop

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Mac Laptops are very much important devices in our daily life. Many people are depending on the them to earn their living.You will get to see the uses of them are increasing much more in compare with the recent past. Mac Laptop that does not run fast can become the root cause of a headache.

To run your business your Mac Laptop, it must work very quickly and fast. If it runs at a good speed, then it will take very little time to complete the work. There are some processes that through which you can certainly increase the speed of your Mac Laptop.

Anyone, who knows how to follow simple instructions and click, can increase the speed of a Mac Laptop. People often get frustrated with their old Mac laptops because it becomes slow and unresponsive. People often complain about the way it takes ages for them to start up, taking away several minutes of your precious time.

For multiple commands, while using the Internet – it’s a complete nightmare. You feel like you are being punished for being a fast typist or a quick worker. Here are some Secret Tips To Speed Up Your computer that has become slow.

– Clear up space on Hard Drive

Start by uninstalling all the programs you don’t need. Sometimes, knowledge spyware gets installed on our devices. This can be taken care of by using clean-up packs or a good anti-virus. It might be annoying, but do make it a point to run a virus scan at least every few days. It helps to get rid of all the spyware and Trojans hogging up disk space. This greatly helps to speed up mac laptop.


– Check out the RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is the essential part of your Mac Laptop system. It is where data are stored and recovered whenever needed. One way to ensure high quality performance from your Mac Laptop is to upgrade it after few years.

Because of the ever changing and increasing number of latest Mac applications and programs that require a much higher memory, you also need to update your devices memory to make it perform faster and easier.

– Clear up all the temporary files

These can be found in the drive containing the Operating System files. Clearing them frees up a whole lot of space on the Mac laptop’s memory. Also, remember to clear the recycle bin.

You can even do simple disk clean up – just right click on the drive, go to properties, and click on – Disk clean up. It gets rid of all the old unwanted internet files, cookies, compressed files, files created while un-installing programs or updates, etc. You will be amazed how much space can be cleared up by this simple step.

Imagine your cupboard, with all your dresses. What would happen, if everything in it was unorganized and haphazard – with some missing clothes, and others piled up with stuff? A similar thing happens on your Mac laptop too. To speedup mac laptop, one of the best steps is defragmentation. It consolidates all the data and tries to arrange them as continuously as possible. This too helps to speed up considerably.

defrag hard drive

– Defragment hard disk

Like any type of machine that needs regular maintenance, your Mac Laptop needs one too. Cleaning the spaces on your hard disk helps in optimizing its performance.At least once a month you should defragment your hard disk. Doing this step is just one way on how to make it faster as it helps in arranging and cleaning the files on your Mac Laptop for easy should always perform a disk defrag every now and then, I would suggest every 3 months or so, what a disk defrag will do is that it will organize your Mac Laptop data files in way that will optimize your Mac Laptop RAM. It will create new keys that will auto align similar keys by auto-optimizing it self.

– Do a proper registry cleaning

As time goes by the Mac Laptop registry system accumulates numerous amount of data and some of them are overwritten couple of times which may result to either misplaced or corrupted files. Because of this, the performance of your Mac Laptop is greatly affected and thus slows down especially in opening an application on your Mac Laptop.

As time goes by the Mac Laptop registry system accumulates numerous amount of data, and some of them are overwritten a couple of times which may result in either misplaced or corrupted files. Because of this, the performance of your Mac Laptop is greatly affected and thus slows down specially in opening an application on your Machine.

– Check For Viruses

Viruses do more than just slow down the machine. It attacks both hardware and software leaving potential damages to your Mac Laptop. You can easily solve this problem by running an anti-virus scan on your device.

To prevent viruses from invading and infecting, run the anti-virus software every time use the internet. Also make frequent scans.

– Adware, Spyware, Malware Checks

These three install programs into your device without your permission. In addition to that, it can also access your private information and leak it into the internet.There are anti-adware programs that you can download. You can also toggle your internet settings to block these three whenever you use the internet. Virus scans also detect and remove these three.

disk clean up– Disk cleanup, doing a disk cleanup every week or so, it will delete temporarily internet cache and the recycle bin, this will guarantee a smooth running Mac Laptop. And will notice a slight increase of your internet speed and performance.

– Start up files ; It is always advised to close all start up software that you do not use very often. It is recommended though that you at least have a good anti-virus and firewall always running, but close all the others that you do not utilize very often.

These sort of files consumes a lot of memory RAM, and that can create Mac Laptop slowdowns. You can close them by merely running the: “msconfig” window and uncheck all the unwanted start up files. Windows will restart when you do this operation, so keep in mind, save your work before attempting to do this operation. I hope these tips help you out!

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